Happy Friday!!

I was inspired to write this post by my lovely friend Hannah.  I read her blog post (here) about blogging and life in general.  I haven’t been blogging all that long in the grand scheme of things (unlike Hannah who has quite  a bit of blogging history!!) but what I found really cool was that all those blog posts kinda add up to a nice little summary  of life!

Well that is if you actually get those blog posts written!  I am counting down to 100 posts on this wordpress blog!  I did have another blog but I have never actually combined the two of them so yes I have been blogging a bit longer than that.

Anyway, Hannah mentioned in her blog about how much life has changed for her and I’m sure anyone that has had kids would agree… life does change immensely!

Which brings me back to yesterday.  Gary had the day off, mostly so the kids would actually survive the school holidays!  It has been so wet and with Taylor’s two naps a day – it has meant quite some time spent at home and indoors the last couple of weeks.  Liam has been a trooper but there is only so much indoor soccer one mum can take!

So reading Hannah’s blog last night reminded me of something that I remembered from before kids.

Liam was at a cricket holiday programme which I dropped him off and then headed down to Farro on Constellation Drive to pick up some lunch goodies and I said to Gary… oh I will just drop him off and I won’t be long.  But when I got there I remembered…what life used to be…. being able to browse at my leisure without the demands of children who didn’t really want to be there.  In fact, I was gone a lot longer than I intended…..  Whilst I was there (hanging out in the sauces and condiments) just looking at what was on offer which normally just isn’t something you can do with two kids, a couple of Farro workers came up to me and asked if I needed any help (obviously I looked like I was intensely looking for something).  I replied that no I was just enjoying being to shop without any distractions, without anyone moaning about being hungry and actually being able to look at the items for sale.  For once…

Like I used too… and it was so nice… I really enjoyed it.  The simple things really!!

There are a lot of things that I used to be able to do before kids… like Hannah, I must have had extraordinary amounts of time on my hands… what the heck did I do?  Okay I was working for 8 hours a day but then there is nights and weekends and the like.  Now these times are filled to the brim with looking after the kids, getting the house organised and doing things with them.

But before, some of the things we used to do:

  • go to the movies (a lot… like we had a monthly pass for 15 pounds and you could see as many movies as you like), now we barely see 5 movies a year.  Note, need to go to the movies more often!
  • reading books, during the day, in the sunshine!
  • being more flexible, not having to have everything planned, like meals and when things were going to get done.  Being able to run out the door, just with my handbag and not the kitchen sink (and ours is portable at the moment!!!)
  • cooking more from recipes etc… in those days, we cooked more together on the weekend, tried more newer recipes and could cook without any interuptions and be a bit more adventurous when it came to foods.
  • I think we did a lot of chilling out, sleeping in!
  • Going shopping all day!!

Whilst, some of these things I would like to do more often, I wouldn’t trade my busier more challenging and rewarding life.  I now just need to remember to blog more about what we get up so I can have this as a reflection of our daily lives as I know we won’t be able to remember all the little details as the years go by…

I would love to hear how much your lives have changed… leave me a comment or even better blog about it so you can have a record of it!

Take care


6 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. I feel quite chuffed that my post inspired you to write this one … because I really enjoyed reading it! Reading your list of things you miss made me smile, actually. I guess I’m a few years ahead of you in terms of the fact that my “baby” is 7 (and not 1). So I know that in a few years’ time, some of those things that you miss will actually come back … in a way. You WILL be able to go out with just your handbag and you WON’T have to take lots of baby paraphernalia. I remember the first time I went out without a nappy bag … it was so freeing! And things like being more adventurous with your cooking will also change, as your kids get older and eat different things and even start to help with the cooking themselves. Also, I find I can get quite a bit of time to myself to read or scrapbook now that the boys can play together without any supervision. You’ll have that too, one day. That’s something to look forward to, right? It’s not that those things are gone forever, they just got set aside for a little bit … and for very good reasons :-)

  2. So nice to read this, and compare with Hannah’s lovely post!

    Um, in ten years I have lived a lifetime, so might not do the post myself. But will have to sit down and write some pointers out…


  3. oh i loved this post as i can now relate!! how can 1 little person change life so much, i still think back to when i was 1 week over due with Roman and asking you what you did all day, how naive i was but at least i can have a chuckle about it.

  4. just think when your kids are older….you may get some of that time back….my friends youngest is at school and she loves shopping without them!!! like you she says she loves reading packets and trying samples…and NOT being hounded to get this and that!!! lol!!!!

    love ya blog post!!!!

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