4 more sleeps!

til we move house!

Gosh in some sense that feels like not enough time but on the other hand I just want to get there and I hate waiting till the last minute to do the last minute things.  It is like packing to go away on holiday … you can’t pack a lot of stuff because you are still using it. 

Poor Liam has had all his toys packed and ready to go and his behaviour has been less than desirable so he hasn’t been allowed to watch TV or play on the computers so he has been a bit bored…oops! 

The to do list is a mile long!   We are just waiting for the house to be cleaned (which will happen tomorrow morning) so that we can start moving over clothes and kitchen stuff!!  I think it might take me the whole week to just work out where everything should go in the massive kitchen. 

Very exciting and scary all at the same time! 

So I thought I would share a couple of layouts that I can now share with you because they have gone live at both Scrappin’ Patch and Challenge me Happy.

Recipe Challenge over at CMH:

Scrappin’ Patch’s fortnightly journalling challenge

The one-page layout kit that I created for Scrappin’ Patch’s retreat.

Well micro break over… back to the to do list! 

Thanks for popping by…




2 thoughts on “4 more sleeps!

  1. Masive Kitchen – you haven’t mentioned that before! But it sounds DIVINE!
    Yay on the cleaning tomorrow – means you can start slowly! Bring on Friday? hehe.
    Loving the layouts!

  2. eeekkkk!!! its been 2 days since you posted this….so im guessing you are now moving in 2 days time now!!!
    all the best for the move!!!

    love your layouts too!!!

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