11 months old

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I need to do a post for Taylor turning 11 months on the weekend.

Gosh, where has the last year gone! 

It is hard to imagine life now without little Taylor being around.  As much I love the cute newborn snuggles phase, as they get older they are so much fun.  It is hard work chasing her around the place right now but the rewards definitely outweigh the tiresomeness of dealing with an almost toddler.  

So this month:

  • Taylor still has eight teeth.  No more has popped through as yet.
  • You had your first cold this month.  Well a runny nose and you were a bit blocked up but apart from that you were still eating and drinking and it didn’t seem to effect your sleep!
  • You are 10.5kg
  • You are crawling everywhere!!  You just love to be on the go.  It is interesting that you are constantly on the move and love to be hanging out playing with something you should be.  You are definitely more interested in every day objects rather than your toys.  The vacuum cleaner, the central vacuum point, banging on the coffee table and the tv table. 
  • You are walking around the furniture still but don’t seem to be interested in walking too much as yet.  I think it is because you are faster crawling around.  You will walk holding our hands and sometimes a bit with the walker.
  • You had your first pig tails this month! 
  • You go back down to sleep for 2 hours after you wake in the morning for a 1-2 hours and then are up for another couple of hours before you have an afternoon sleep. 
  • You have three bottles a day.  Breakfast bottle, a bottle after lunch and then a bottle before bed. 
  • I have noticed that Taylor seems to enjoy savoury snacks rather than sweet snacks.  She will throw biscuits over the highchair but will happily munch on potato sticks or a cruskit.
  • You still love to eat off our plates.  It is probably us but we are much more inclined to give Taylor tastes of our food from dinner or lunch.  Yesterday, we had Japanese for lunch and Taylor ended up with her own bowl of rice with a bit of sauce.  She also likes Pasta, Butter Chicken sauce on rice, bits of meatball or sausages, mushrooms and cream cheese sandwiches.

Wow – big post coming up soon… soon to be my big 1 year old. 





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