Busy Busy

Loads of things happening around here at the moment.   Not much time for blogging or creating just right now I’m afraid.

The major thing is that we are MOVING!~

After almost 5 long years I have finally worn Gary down and we are on the move again.  Our house took no time at all to sell… sold it twice in fact.  The first offer fell through on finance and the second offer wanted to get an extension on their finance but the first offers finance came through so we told them they couldn’t so they went unconditional!   Yes, they do say that selling your house is one of the most stressful things one can do.

So we are staying local… about 5 minutes away.  It is a bigger house, bigger land and it comes with a GRANNY (or an Aunty Nicole in our case).    Liam can’t quite walk to school but it is only a short distance away. 

As a result of selling above house, it means we move in less than 3 weeks. So it is busy packing packing packing around here.  Unfortunately, 5 years has meant that we have acculumlated a WEE bit of stuff… mainly it is hidden in the attic so it has been a mission to clear all that out and figure out what to keep and not to keep!   See moving is a VERY good idea so you can CULL out the junk that you accumulated over time.  

The new place doesn’t have an attic… hmmmmm. 

Hmmmmm, so what else is happening

Taylor turned 11 months… not long now till she is a BIG 1 year old.  She is on the move big time and doesn’t really seem to understand the word no.  Will do another post just all about her turning 11 months old.

Indy is doing well… he is definitely putting on weight and his coat seems more healthy and soft. 

Liam has almost finished another season of winter soccer. An up and down season for him.  He either plays really well or he decides that he doesn’t really want to play at all.  Which can be kinda frustrating to watch. 

I’m sure there are other things happening!  Just can’t remember them right now!   Right that was my packing break!! 

Til next time



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