Crazy busy…

having mid winter Christmas get togethers with lovely friends, good wine and great food!

Chasing Taylor around wherever we are.   I don’t remember Liam being so amazingly quick and so amazingly interested in his surroundings.  She is now walking around everything, including the walls and climbing into and under everything she can find.

Catching up and having baby cuddles with my cute little nephews, Mako and Roman and their gorgeous Mummies (Shannon and Juliet). 

Chasing down Plasterers/Painters for quotes to paint the side of our house as part of the sale.

Numerous phone calls to Universal Homes, our Lawyer and our Real Estate Agent.

Preparing for another open home and clearing, cleaning and de-cluttering again!

Sorting out Indy with his Lactulose regime, his antibiotics, getting more tinned food and numerous phone calls to the Vet.  Indy is doing amazing… a different dog!  He is eating really well including the dry food and he is bouncing all over everyone again!   Fingers crossed he will be fine from now on.

Hopefully, tomorrow the conditional sale on our house will get a step closer to being finalised so I can cross that off my list.  If I had time to actually write out a list!! 

Until then… will leave you with some cute photos of Liam and Taylor which I just LOVE!   They are blurry from movement and slightly out of focus but I love the essence that it portrays… my too gorgeous kids enjoying themselves!


5 thoughts on “Busy….

  1. Aww gorgeous photos my friend. And a gorgeous post!
    A catch up is in order next week hopefully so I can see your gorgeous girl in action!
    I hope all is going well with your sale, well purchase more like!

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