Growing up

Aw my baby girl is getting so big, growing so fast!    A couple of days ago you were 10 months, Taylor Grace. 

You are enriching our lives so much…with your cheeky little character, your curiosity and your happy little nature.

Here is what you are up too right now.

  • Yep you are on the move, put you down on the floor and you are definitely not in the same place as where we left you.  You favourite things to explore are the TV cabinet, the vertical blinds in the lounge and hunting for any type of cable. The Indy dog is still quite interesting too.  You can crawl, then you inch worm, then you can sit up and crawl again and you do get quite annoyed when you finally reach that very important exciting destination and someone comes along and says ‘no’ and deposits you back somewhere near where you started!!
  • On Wednesday 27th July (10 months exactly) you pulled yourself up to stand for the first time!!  You were in the playpen and you often go on your knees and hang on to the sides.. but this time you pulled yourself up to stand all the way!!
  • You just love standing, you have great balance and you are now just starting to move around the furniture.  This morning, we put you on one couch and you inched your way around the corner and  ended up banging the remotes on the coffee table at the other end of the three seater!
  • In the last couple of weeks, you have had great fun playing with the duplo with Liam you love bashing down the construction that Liam has created (poor Liam!) 
  • Daddy was just in Australia last week and he brought you back  a special toy for your cot (Leap Frog Sprout Toy) which plays lovely musical lullabies to you when you go to sleep at night.  This is because you were going to bed with Liam’s Baby Tad and he wanted to have him back.  So we got you your own little singing toy. 
  • You are jabbering away and it definitely sounds like you are talking with us!  You are growing up so fast and probably will become a little chatter box like your Mummy and Liam. 
  • Right now you are having 3 bottles during  the day and one before bed.  You are enjoying tasting food off our plates and generally still have veges at dinner time and now that you have your new highchair it is so much easier to feed yourself.  You are also getting good at drinking water from your sippy cup too. 
  • You still wake up during the night sometimes not sure why or how come but if you do a quick bottle and you go back to sleep pretty easily. 
  • I think you still have 8 teeth… it is bit like fighting with a wee piranha trying to discover if there are any more popping up in there.. but it is a bit enter at your own RISK!
  • Your height is:   (TBA) Your weight is: (TBA)
  • You love hanging out with your big brother, we have got some great little videos of you both playing around.  I love how he is so good with you and I know that you will just idolise him in the coming years.

I’m sure there is more… you are just changing day by day!!

Love you sweet baby girl!



3 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. she is growing up fast alright!!!
    what a cutiee
    and my nieces were like that with us counting their teeth!!!
    eekkkk SNAP!!!

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