Day 2

First day of the school holidays down, day 2 today.

Gary is away all week in Sydney (yesterday) and Melbourne today so I am getting a taste  of solo parenting for the week.  So far so good. 

It is actually quite nice being out of the normal school day routine with no set getting up times, no home work and it means that we don’t have to get Liam to bed as early as normal.  The weather yesterday and today so far is looking pretty good too.  Perfect winter weather no rain just cold and but with sunny skies.

Every day we have small things planned to keep us busy. 

Yesterday, we went up to visit Taylor’s little friend Archie and his Mum Janine and little Kyla and her mum Nicola came along too.  You see I am converting them over to the dark side of scrapbooking… so I brought a few things along to have a bit of a show and tell.  Janine I have been working on for awhile and she is doing some super fun pages at the moment!  The babies sort of played nicely and Taylor had a small sleep and before I knew it it was 2 o’clock.  Bundled the kids back in the car and took them home so Taylor could have a late lunch and a sleep. 

Did a bit of washing and boring housework stuff and then I decided that the Indy dog needed a walk and that we would go and feed the ducks at the bridge around the corner.  So off we went, the baby in the pushchair, the boy on his bike and the dog on his lead.  I think it took about 45 mins to get to the bridge.  Liam hasn’t been on his bike for a while and doesn’t really like going down hills (and there are smallish hills around us) so lots of getting on and off and walking the bike.  But the dog got a walk, the ducks and the eels in the pond got some bread and then we had a small play at the playground.  By this time, Uncle Ryan was home so we visited and ended up having dinner with Grandma.  Thanks Grandma!

Put Taylor to bed at 8pm after having  on 370mls the whole day thinking she is bound to wake up during  the night for a feed but she went right through til 7am YES!! 

Today, Liam is off to the movies with a friend and I am going to have a 3rd viewing of a house I quite like and we might put an offer sometime (although Gary tells me I’m not allowed to purchase it whilst he is gone).  It is brand new and not quite finished so I am going to look at site plans today.

And… in other news!

Liam pulled out his very loose tooth last night (number 8 … ) it was so gross, hanging down past his other teeth and made closing his mouth impossible, brushing his teeth very difficult and he was on a liquid diet for the last couple of days and was a hungry hungry boy!  Today he is back on Nutrigrain and toast with crusts !!

Also, Taylor-Grace is on the move!!  Typical eh, the week that Gary is away!  She goes from sitting to crawling a few paces and then goes back to inch worming across the room.  Now her cool flash toys have been abandoned and she much prefers hunting down shoes, any type of cabling, heading over to the blinds, any type of paper, pulling things off shelves and the Indy dog are much more fun !!  Except that whenever she gets to one of these items, her boring parents say no and move her back to where she was… much to her disgust!

Had better post this one off…

It is 3 days, 14 hours, 55 minutes, 49 seconds
until Saturday, 23 July 2011 at 12:15:00 a.m. (Auckland time) til Daddy gets home


4 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Wow, good luck with the house! Where is it??

    And you have a crawler! EEK, better put that Lego out of reach! But seriously though, a great milestone and just proves that she is really growing up fast! :-)

  2. had a wee giggle … pram, bike and dog … now that’s multi tasking … lol …

    and the big countdown … brilliant … have fun for the rest of the week.

  3. Sounds like everything is FINE – so far! You’re all doing a brillinat job by the sounds of it! Can’t wait to see Taylor Grace moving around, how fun!! We had a victory in our house this morning, as Elsa did her first no 1 on the toilet! Ah the little things… :) Looking forward to catching up soon!

  4. wow you are a machine…..moving baby, new house…and man away!!!
    hope the rest of the week flies by as smoothly!!!!

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