Taylor Grace – 9 months old


Where did the last 9 months go… my baby isn’t so small any more and she is getting closer to that one year mark which to be honest is pretty scary.  She is growing up so fast.  Almost time to starting organising the big birthday bash!!

The latest stats.. (I am finding these super helpful when I am trying to write in her baby book.. ) 

  • weighs 9.32kg
  • height: 71.8cm (hmmmm shrinkage here from last month? )
  • New finger foods this month: loves cheese, ham, cruskets with marmite, potato sticks, mushrooms, homemade pizza, pineapple, marmite sandwiches. 
  • she is very interested in eating what we eat rather than mashed up food.  It makes it a bit interesting to try and get her to eat larger volumes of food to fill her up.
  • she is starting to move a bit and goes regularly from a sitting position onto her tummy with a small amount of time spent on hands and knees before going down on her tummy.  I often find her in awkward positions, half way up the play pen, perched precariously on her toy box.  She can get herself around in a circle by twisting her upper body around.  She also can go backwards on a slippery surface.  She still gets frustrated when she goes on to her front but it won’t be long before she is on the move!!
  • She cut her 6th tooth the day before she turned 9 months old.  It is at the bottom left. 
  • We regularly get comments about how placid she is and how good she is whilst we are out.  So I am hoping she continues on that path as she gets older.
  • She is definitely getting more personality, she will ‘grin’ for the camera – great thought we wouldn’t get that sort of camera face for a wee bit longer!!
  • She has been waking more in the middle of the night at the moment, hungry.  We are trying the dream feed occasionally which has meant she has gone all night without needing a feed.   

Happy 9 months Taylor… slow down a bit though, Mummy isn’t ready for a big 1 year old yet!!


4 thoughts on “Taylor Grace – 9 months old

  1. Happy 9 months, Taylor Grace!

    We loved the “dream feeds” … worked like a charm for Ethan. Not so well for Tyler, but he is a totally different child! LOL :-)

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