Top Chef

So this morning Liam was in a particularly good mood.

Setting the scene.

After not being able to find his school shorts he is wandering around in his t shirt, knickers and socks.  I am in the kitchen trying to get my breakfast, his breakfast and Taylor’s breakfast as well as Liam’s lunch organised. 

He turns to me and says ‘Mummy wouldn’t it be fun if we could do something different for breakfast and we could order off a Menu and it would be like going to a cafe’ 

To which I respond.. um no ‘Mummy’s kitchen isn’t a cafe, there is no Chef and I don’t have time to make lots of different things on order from a Menu and do you have $10 to pay for your yummy breakfast that I am going to make?”

“Perhaps we could do this on the weekend…” (Thinking to myself I don’t have time to create a menu, be a chef and get all this done on a Monday morning) 

So he decides that he is going to the Chef, make the toast and get all the milk and the ingredients ready for my coffee, turning on the coffee machine, getting the butter and marmite out.  So I said to Liam “You can butter your own toast and get that ready and set him up over the otherside of the kitchen.  He is like NO I am the Chef I need to make all the breakfasts and you and Taylor need to be sitting down nicely waiting for it.

Sigh… if only we had time to indulge Liam whilst he is in such a good mood.   Luckily he was happy in the end to make his own toast. 

In the meantime, as I was busy in the kitchen, Taylor was busy giving Indy a back massage…




2 thoughts on “Top Chef

  1. Awww, what a cute idea. But not really a Monday morning thing! LOL :-)
    I’ve done that a few times, usually on Father’s Day or Rob’s birthday. I’ve done “room service” cards where you tick what you want and hang the card on your door, and then it gets delivered to your room. Have done the cafe thing too, with menus on the table and people ordering what they want. It is a LOT of work for the chef, but such a lot of fun for everybody else. A hint … don’t have too many options, and perhaps put a few items on the menu that you KNOW he will not choose (like fried kidneys & bacon or something). That way you can even pre-empt what you might be required to cook! ;-)

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