Today, Liam came home with his work sample folder.  Which is a folder that allows the parents of children at his school to gain information about what your child is doing at school, in between normal reporting times.  So a couple of times a term his work sample folder comes home. 

I just wanted to share a written language sample that Liam has produced for us to review. 

I am super proud of his efforts, his creativity, his ability to get the story written down on the paper without giving up.  It is almost 2 pages of A4 (written reasonably big).  He has done a plan and has created a lovely narrative which I have never seen him achieve before.  Written language definitely isn’t his first love or his forte.   I also hope that seeing how he can do a very cool story will help boost his confidence in his story writing.

I have recorded it exactly has he has written it (putting the correct spelling  in brackets)

His plan

The third floor bedroom
It all began when someone left the window open
Characters 1 millen birds, 16 girls, 300 boys, a wess (wise) old man
Setting in a far far away land in a catech (cottage)

The story

Once upon a time in far away land lived a wiess (wise) old man called acsar (Alcasar) the great.  He was a magnvsint visid (magnificent wizard) at magic he could do any kind of magic he was the best In the world!  alcsar only just woke up he got drest (dressed), brushed his teeth and went down the stirs (stairs) to have a cup of tea and he accidentally made it really hot.  He went to go look out his window to see the sun and then he didn’t see what he expeced (expected).  he saw two incrdbily long lines of boys, girls they were marcing (marching) wrely (really) fast srat (straight) twors (towards) his cattech (cottage).  He went outside to see what they were doing and when lefd he didn’t see that he left the third floor bedroom window (open) and the 1 milen (million) birds flew off the wall where were they going? siad (said) the boys, birls what are you doing? we are going to that catech (cottage) over there what! that’s mine! why are you going there? because we are stave ving (starving). we havent eaten in ages. Come on let’s go. mennwiyel (meanwhile) at home they relist (realised) that the birds on the third flloor bedroom wall were gone.  I know (where they went) said one of the boys, they went out the window.  Oh no! I left the window open, and I left my become alive pochn (potion) lid open that must be why? I must find those birds imeditle (immediately) or I’ll be fired! I wrealy (really) don’t want to be fired.  birdy birdy birdy birdy come here birdy suddenly all came flying towards him.

This is amazing work Liam!  I can’t wait to tell your teacher next week at parent teacher interviews how we enjoyed reading your story and I hope we might see some more writing from you in the future. 

Great job!! 

Love Mummy & Daddy


6 thoughts on “Published

  1. I am still perplexed by the source of this story. The tea was too hot? A million birds? Starving kids? Alcasar? Awesome piece of writing. I wonder what else he has been working on.

  2. how sweetie are you ?? I just wanted to pop over and say thank you so much for visiting my blog ….. i really love seeing that you have visited.

    I would love to meet you at the Scrappin Patch retreat – you just have to go so I can give you a hug !!!!!! We are going to have so much fun !!!!!!!!!

    anyhow just a quick note, to let you know, that your comment was very much noticed.
    steph xo

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