Taylor Grace – 8 months old

It is has been so busy here that I haven’t even had chance to do my post dedicated to Taylor turning 8 months.   So better late than never…

  • Taylor  weighs 9.1kg
  • Taylor’s height is approx 73cm
  • She has her bottom two teeth and her top two teeth and the tooth to the left of the two at the top.  So 5 teeth altogether. 
  • She consistently says mum mum mum and da da da da
  • Every morning for breakfast she has 1 weetbix with formula and a half of Liam’s toast cut up into small pieces without crusts
  • Lunchtimes she might have some custard or Peaches Apricot & Semolina (which was Liam’s favourite) or some Apple or Pear.
  • Dinner at the moment is usually pumpkin/potato/brocoli mashed together.
  • She also had tastes of pasta, rice, avocado, hot chips, plain bread, mandarin, grated cheese, vanilla wines and gingernuts
  • She is having mostly two sleeps during the day ranging from 45 mins to 1.5 hours if we are lucky. Very occasionally she will have a third cat nap.
  • She started at the gym creche and was looked after by a stranger for the first time this month.
  • She is still having 5 bottles but trying to cut this down to just 4 bottles
  • She is sleeping a bit better again at the moment and usually goes from 7.30pm through to 4.30-5am and then goes back again for another hour or so before getting up for the day.
  • She spontaneously claps her hands .. all the time… but not in the right context.  Just for fun.
  • She still sleeps with a dummy.
  • She is wrapped up in her Ergo Cocoon during the day with arms out and usually sleeps in her Merino Kids Go Go Bag at night. 
  • She often sleeps on her tummy
  • She has just started to do ‘the wiggle’ (which is like dancing!!)  See video below…
  • She still doesn’t move anywhere.   She goes from sitting to her tummy often now and gets stuck and then gets frustrated.  She will go up more in press up position with her arms but then will drop down to lift her tummy off the floor and go up on her knees and squirm a bit.  She is definitely doing more than she was a few weeks ago so it is only a matter of time.
  • She is definitely more interested in ‘food’ and watches you like Indy watches us when we eat. 
  • Her hair is getting longer and curls a wee bit around her ears. More on the left side than the right side.
  • She is very curious, loves putting her toys in and out of her toy box or washing basket.  Tipping it up to find more treasures inside.
  • She giggles a lot at her big brother like when he puts the washing basket on his head and spins it around or he pushes her in her walker!

That’s all I can think of right now off the  top of my head!!  Might need to add to this post if I do remember something important


The wiggle… caught on camera whilst out having lunch.. towards the end of the video.  Thanks Annelie for helping me get the wiggle on video.



2 thoughts on “Taylor Grace – 8 months old

  1. I saw the wiggle! Too cute :-)
    She is growing up so fast! Great that you are recording all these milestones along the way. Before you know it, she’ll be running everywhere ;-)

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