Wow  what a weekend….  can I just say what a COOL weekend.

It started on Friday night, catch up with a couple of my favourite gals, Nicki and Carlee.  My favourite brother taking Liam to soccer practice and then dropping him off to me afterwards.  (Yes he is my only brother actually).  Having a few quiet ones with the girls (well maybe not that quiet :) and planning girls weekends away whilst the kids played really nicely together.   Being a domestic goddess and attempting to cook dinner, puree pumpkin before leaving home for the above catch up.  So that when husband mentions the fact that there probably not any dinner and perhaps he should eat more nibbles – I could say well actually I rock and dinner is in the oven all prepared and actually only half cooked!!  Ooops, just a few more minutes in the oven and it was FINE.   (it even supplied lunch for him the next day). 

Saturday morning… dragged myself out of bed.. watched Liam play soccer.  He had four good little games, some great tackling and awesome effort.  He managed to score a goal with his left foot (the third attempt) and got player of the day.  Quickly home, send husband man down the road to get a WOF and two cooked chickens and a large COLESLAW.   Jump in the shower.. attempt to tidy the house – sort of fail on the house tidy… but Taylor slept so when she woke up I jumped in the car and headed out so far EAST you can’t really go any further … Glendowie.   Today was the national catch up of my online group of mummy friends… some of them travelled from far far far away… like Dunedin and Christchurch… even Hamilton and some from just down the road.  It was amazing, these  group of gals and all our babies all born within weeks of each other.  This is the first national catch up – and I am sure there will be more. It was so lovely to meet everyone in person but it was a bit odd that they were actually real and a lot bigger than their facebook profile pic.  The babies were all super cute too!!  We tried to get a photo line up in birth date order but hee hee that didn’t work very well at all so it was mum’s and babies instead.  Here we all are:

Taylor was exhausted from all the sitting she did and of course meeting some of her pals.  She compared notes with Sophie on how to drive their mum’s mad and not sleep all day.  Alex tried to share some mandarin with her but she wasn’t too keen, then he offered her some of his bun except Taylor thought it would be more fun to try his left over pieces that he was trying to squish into the carpet.   Harry and Tom shared their chicken flavoured potato stix (which are very sticky and got stuck to her skinny jeans) and one of them sconed her over her head with a watch… not sure which one or where they got it from.   Aida, Naomi and Layton all crawled around her (I covered her eyes so she wouldn’t get any ideas).  Trilly bug and Taylor had a good talk towards the end and I think Taylor taught Dylan to clap!! 

So 3pm came along and Taylor conked out in my arms so I took her home and she slept in the car… quick change and it was off out again to the Mall for some shopping and an early dinner before Grandma came around to babysit !  Taylor was a good girl and went to sleep NO problems and didn’t wake up.  Liam was super excited that he was being babysit… what the…then when I got home I found out why… as Grandma let him have like 3 chocolate chippies and a late night!!   Liam claims it is the BEST DAY EVER>>>>Gary and I went out to a 40th in Devonport and caught up with some people we haven’t seen in like forever. 

Sunday morning… get woken up by Gary… gotta go to the another 5km Run Auckland this time at Onepoto basin… hmmmm, slightly regretting the 3 glasses of champagne and the very little water. Luckily, I have been practicing my drinking with the Friday night gals so not overly affected by them. Still feeling a bit jaded… kinda amazing we all made it to the race.  The course is really really hilly… told everyone that I wasn’t going to go hard out… but then realised I must have been lying because I don’t think it is possible to not go fast as possible.    The best thing is running down Lake Road really fast thinking… gosh I feel so much better than I did the last time I was there (Auckland half marathon)  Anyway, realise that we didn’t bring any formula — oops!  So send husband man up the road quick smart to buy a sachet trying to be very good at not blaming him for the misadventure (but really it was his fault!!), in the meantime, get Liam a sausage in bread and ask nicely for a spare piece and feed Taylor to keep her occupied until the bottle arrived.  Thank god for bread!!   Waited around in the sunshine and the mud for prize giving where I’m sure 2000 names were read out but for some reason neither of us won anything… not even the hose reel. 

Liam then went off for Aunty Adventures to Time Out and Ten Pin Bowling so we sneaked off for a lunch and then to the mall to do some shopping before coming home to more domestic goddess duties such as cooking dinner, washing, cleaning the fridge and catching up with the online world.  Liam comes home pretty tired declaring that it is the BEST DAY EVER!!

So it is 8.30pm and feeling pretty tired, I have sore eyes from all onions making me cry (from the dinner domesticatedness) — feeling good about having a cool weekend but thinking perhaps she might need a rest tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Awesomeness

  1. I have got to say I like that part about me being your favourite brother, But you didn’t have to let them know I was your only 1. You also forgot out coffee data nd hanging at the mall :)

  2. Wow, busy weekend! Very cool that you got together with your mums group, that’s an awesome picture of all of you! Sounds like you need a nice quiet day of scrapping at home tomorrow (so that Taylor Grace can sleep and rest, of course).


  3. wowsa….do much in the weekends???
    i am tried JUST reading this blog post!!!
    sounds like the best time alright!!!

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