Ladies who lunch

Today we caught up with the lovely Sarah and Miss Chloe Jane Chaplow for lunch.  Both Taylor and Chloe were so well behaved and super cute.

Taylor just sat there mostly and played with toys, Sarah’s keys, Chloe’s shoes and her little bug toy.  Whilst Chloe charmed the neighbouring patrons, including two little old ladies doing lunch and the waitresses. 

There is 5 months difference in age between the two of them and Sarah and I used to joke that Chloe would be able to hand down clothes to Taylor when she had grown out of them.  But we were SO wrong!!  Chloe will soon be able to have Taylor’s hand me downs!!  The number of times that we were asked how old they were… um almost 8 months and 1 year!!  And pretty much the same size… except I think that Taylor is slightly bigger now.  Most of the people who asked thought the age gap was the other way around. 

The girls were super well behaved and we got some cute photos of the two off them ‘doing lunch’ .  Hope to do it again soon.


2 thoughts on “Ladies who lunch

  1. Taylor does look older! She’s bigger but she has more hair … I reckon that makes a difference! In the big scheme of things they are pretty much the same age, and I’m sure they’ll grow up to be wonderful friends like their mummies :-)

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