Mother’s Day Madness

It really was madness.

It is Tuesday and I am still trying to recover from the weekend.

It was full on. 

Both mornings the whole family were up and out the door by 7.30am. 

On Saturday to go watch Liam play soccer.  They have changed the game now for 6th to 8th grades to be  in line with the new New Zealand guidelines which means the boys play four 10 minute games 4 v 4, after playing four games with goalies, now we have no goalies, no throw ins and no corners.  And much smaller fields.  It took  the boys awhile to come to grips with the smaller pitches with lots of balls going out as they were used to having to boot the ball greater distances.  It also means that we have had to split out squad up which is a shame as Liam won’t be able to play with a couple of the kids he has played with a lot in the past.  We did manage to split the teams so that they were as even as possible but for some reason we got the vocal parents … hee hee in a good encouraging way.  The new style of game seemed to suit us as this season we haven’t managed to win a game (but had narrow losses) but we managed to take two wins, one loss (against our own team) and one draw.  It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season pans out.

That afternoon was spent discussing bits of plasticware and drinking several glasses of bubbles – apparently this is a good plan according to Gary who said his wife was VERY MELLOW all afternoon.  Guess that gives me licence to have more catch ups with the gals then !!

We then went to Freedom and got the TV cabinet and the boys put it together for me and now Taylor can’t play with ANY of the cables as it completely blocks them off – BONUS!

All in bed for an early night… Taylor wakes at 10pm, 2am and 5am – Yawn.   Taylor cut her two front teeth over the weekend (hoping this is the reason for the wake up calls through out the middle of the night)

So then it was mothers day.  I was greeted in bed by Liam who decided that he should THROW my present and card at me in bed.  Hmmmm, aren’t 7 year old boys just NICE.  He then proceeded to sulk under the covers and he got annoyed that Taylor was able to give me cuddles. 

I was wondering if I should actually blog about how Liam decided to be ‘silly’ and act out yet again but then I thought hey this is how it went down, this is how it will be recorded.  Lucky Taylor isn’t old enough to be attitudey so at least one child was willing to play the game.  Anyway, I got a cute baby carriage for my Pandora bracelet from the kids.  Taylor took a liking to the Pandora bag (starting her out early!!)

Next up, a 5km run up Musick Point… great Mother’s Day fun.  Race Three here we come.  Usually my strategy involves running as slow as possible for the first 3km or so and then ramping it up in the last couple of kms as the first race I went out a big hard.  However, this run has an uphill climb in the last 1km  and a down hill start which meant I had to reassess… so I went hard out and turns out it paid off.  Second, mother’s day present was a personal best 5km of 33.43 mins. 

So my race times have gone:

Race 1 = 36.41
Race 2 = 36.01
Race 3 = 33.43

Definitely a reflection of getting out  and doing more running/cardio work more often in the last couple of weeks.  Hoping to get that time down to closer to the 30 minute mark.   Which a  couple of weeks ago felt like it was mission impossible but now is definitely feels like it is acheivable. 

It is weird, I am looking forward to my next race which is this weekend at Hobsonville Point for Nurture – the Runway Challenge.

After the race, it was a race to get back to the Shore to go and have Mother’s Day lunch with mum, Nicole & Ryan.  We just headed up the mall to Columbus for a quick bite to eat… then off to Faro Fresh to get some yumminess (bread and dips and things) for an easy picnic dinner.. which mum joined us for as well.

So, I think I am just about recovered, don’t get me wrong, it was a lovely weekend just full on and busy and OH if you any insight into the attitudeness of 7 year old boys and perhaps you could just let me know how long it may last .. hopefully not long !?!?


5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Madness

  1. The 7-year-old boy attitude won’t last long … I don’t recall it being too bad with Ethan, but it has started early with Tyler! But I have to say that age-8-almost-9 is really really cool!! I guess they’re all different, aren’t they? There are lots of factors involved, like the age gap between siblings (2 years 4 months is good AND bad at times), their personality, etc. Hang in there, I’m sure like any phase it will eventually pass.

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! Look at that race time?! I’m impressed, and insanely jealous (but in a loving way, of course). Just want to RUN! But at least I can live vicariously through you as you keep on improving your time! GO GIRL!! xx

  2. OK, so I have NO advice on 7 year old boys. And what else? Your Mother’s Day was the opposite basically, to mine. And last, Taylor Grace is the CUTEST!!

  3. love this post…..bubbles, tupperware and shopping!!!!
    as for the attitude..i dont know 7 year olds…..but with our 4 year olds we sit down and come up with a contract of behaviour expectations!!! rules of the house.
    signed by everyone then when a rule is broken straight to the consequence…no discussion. everyone knows the rules!!!
    works for 4 year olds (all 40 of them!!!)

  4. okay, so have to be honest here … it’s been a while since my wee man was 7 – but he was a good 7 – honest!!! But word of warning … wait until he is a teenager … form of communication is primarily a grunt!!! True!

  5. Hi Michelle
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. What a fun mothers day. Wow, I’m impressed with your 5km time – go you! My advise about 7-year old boys hmmm, this too will pass! Don’t sweat the small stuff and most definitely pick your fights! One day he will be 17 and you will look back longingly at his ‘cute’ 7-year old behaviour! Your kids are soooo adorable – your little man looks as though butter wouldn’t melt eh:)

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