On a wet and rainy Autumn day it is probably the perfect forum to discuss Autumn/Winter exercise goals / healthy eating plans.  Not the easiest thing to do when the weather is wet, cold and windy.  All you really want to do is curl  up on the couch and eat hot warm and comforting foods.  There is definitely a good reason for wanting to hibernate for the winter!!

So… how to maintain all those good habits from the summer.  Gosh how I miss being able to run in the evenings, on my own with the sun setting late and less issues with rain and horrible weather that comes with summer ending and the cooler months beginning.  Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely times when I felt like I didn’t want to go … but mostly I did and was pleased that I went.

So this morning I rocked up to the gym.

Since daylight savings finished my exercise consistency was diminishing… the three runs a week that I needed to do as a minimum was dwindling to one or two runs if that.  I know my limitations and my faults, I know that I wasn’t going to go out in the dark, by myself to go for a run.   I know that there will be yummy pasta bakes and thai currys eaten over the winter… but that is okay. 

Consistency is what I am aiming for.

The nice thing about the gym is that it has a little creche for Taylor.  Good for Taylor to get used to being left with others and not be too clingy to me. 

The other thing is that familar faces at the gym, it is nice that so many of the mum’s from school also go there and I bumped into two of them this morning !! 

It isn’t as ideal to run on the treadmill or to cross train but right now I need to just keep up the momentum.  The bonus is that I can get to do some core work and some resistancy training to help build up muscles and not just focus on the cardio all the time.

But it is DRY

Today I did 2km on the X Trainer and 2.5Km on the treadmill.  More than I would have done on my own.  This week is busy… life is busy… must make time to exercise over other life things.

Interestingly, enough I got some measurements done today and comparing some of them from my last lot of measurements once I finished PT back in January… there are definitely changes still happening.  The best  thing… is doing that on MY OWN…

Arms: 29cm down to 24cm
Waist BB: 92.5cm down to 84.3cm
Hips: 98 still 98cm
Legs: 61cm down to 58cm

So that is encouraging!!

So right now… my exercise goals is to be CONSISTENT, to make exercise IMPORTANT, and to PLAN to SUCCEED.  Not worry so much about food but try and be healthy as possible but not to cut the carbs like I was doing in the summer.  I know it isn’t as practical over the winter months to do this.

I would love to hear how you are trying to be healthier over the winter?  Do  you have any exercise goals or plans?  What about recipes for lovely comfort food that isn’t too bad for you?


2 thoughts on “Consistency

  1. You’re doing so well – very inspiring!
    I am totally bummed that my running is over … it’s going to be a long LONG time before I can get back out there, and it’s making me pretty depressed to be honest. As soon as I’m able to, I will go to physio (my Dr says it is “far too early” for that) and then I may have to take up swimming or something instead.
    I’m happy for you though, that you’ve found the gym a good way to deal with the problems of running in the winter.

  2. i am eating mandarins as snacks…i love them so much!!!
    and have bought a 2nd hand exercise machine for those cold nights….will show on my blog soon!!!

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