7 months

Wow … 7 months today!! 

I wish I had a blog when Liam was little… it is such a great way of recording all this important information that as time goes by gets forgotten. 

Today I have 7 month old and on a side note I also have a 7 year old.. weird. 

Taylor Grace… you have been with us only 7 months (outside of me) yet it feels like we have never been without you.  It is amazing how much life has changed yet feels so right to have a baby in the house again.  How much easier it feels second time around.  Is it the baby or is it the parents…well I think it is probably a bit of both. 

At 7 months old, Taylor you are getting so grown up. 

  • You weigh 9kg with clothes
  • You making little conversational noises… mostly it is  DA DA DA DA but there is a few MM MM MM sort of sounding words.
  • You can sit up all by yourself (and started to do this at 6 1/2 months) – Liam didn’t sit by himself until 7 1/2 months
  • Your height is …. to be filled in when we can get to Plunket.
  • You still only have two bottom teeth.
  • You still like to eat pumpkin, apples/pear but are enjoying tastes of finger food (bread, brioches, hot chips) and yoghurts/custard.
  • You still have 5 bottles a day of up to 220ml. 
  • You like hanging out with the girls and having wine and cheese on Friday nights
  • Lately you are getting a bit better AT sleeping during the day.  We started to unwrap you from your ergo cocoon BUT you weren’t sleeping well so you are wrapped back up to day to sleep.  You sleep in your Merino Kids Sleeping Bag at night.
  • You just love to watch your brother and Indy the dog… there is going to be trouble when you are on the move and trying to be right there with them both when they are trying to do something.
  • Still no way near moving anywhere… now that you are sitting you much prefer to hang out watching the world.. and trying to get hold of any cable or interesting non-toy in the vicinity.

watching Liam being silly behind the camera!

Breaking out of your wraps.. when you wake up you chew on the zip till it comes out of its little cover and then push your arms out to slide the zip down… clever!!

because who needs toys when we can play with our jumper knitted by Grandma!

Happy 7 months to you Taylor-Grace.

Love Mummy, Daddy & Liam xx


5 thoughts on “7 months

  1. Awww, she is such a sweetie! I love the photo of her after she’s escaped from her wrap!! Love it. I remember having to ‘wean’ Ethan off his wraps, we started with just leaving one arm free, then 2 (but still wrapping his body) and eventually got rid of it. Was a mission! But when it helps them sleep, you gotta do it!

    Happy 7 months to Taylor Grace xx

  2. wow 7 months already thats gone so fast….i too wish i had a blog when Jacqueline was little and even when cody was baby and i was pregnant with him i only got it when he was a few months old i think, but its a great record of how they have both grown in the last 3 years…..your little girl is growing so fast and such a cutie

  3. Happy 7 months Taylor! The time has just flown by!
    I love all the pics you have posted Michelle – she is definitley becoming more and more aware everytime I see her or a pic of her!
    Yay for sitting up all by herself too!
    My favourite pic would have to be the one of Taylor watching Liam being silly behind the camera =)
    Catch up soon xoxoxox

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