Great Easter Egg Hunt 2011


Hello (again).

This year the Easter Bunny was slightly delayed due to behaviourial problems (not the bunny, the kid), he did eventually hop past our house in the early afternoon after a period of good behaviour was had. 

Liam woke up very early this morning, asking if he could check if the EB had been to visit yet.  He hadn’t but it was cute to watch Liam venture out to see if the EB had left any goodies.   On a side note, why is he waking so early — on a school day I can barely get him up at 7.30am and now that it is school holidays he is bouncing around at 6am!!

Again, lucky for us, we heard the bunny and no neighbouring kids found the precious eggs before Liam did. 

Last year, the EB hid the main prize in the letterbox… so this is where the kid first looked of course… the EB was smart this year and only put a couple of tiny eggs in there…

So, off hunting he went again…

The haul (not just from the EB)…

Speaking of bunnies… there is one Lindt Bunny with no ears waiting for me in the fridge…

Please note : only 8 lindt bunnies were harmed in the making of this EB production.   Thank you for visiting.

5 thoughts on “Great Easter Egg Hunt 2011

  1. ONLY 8 Lindt bunnies!?! :-0

    Liam got a pretty good haul! He looks pleased with it :-)

    Rob took some photos of our boys doing their egg hunt, must blog about it.

  2. what is with that … kids getting out of bed early on any other day but a school day … hmmmmmmmmmmm … definitely has to be a kid thing!!!

    And you enjoy that ‘earless’ Lindt bunny.

  3. gosh us adults better behave each easter too…if its behaviour based!!! eekkk!!
    what a haul he has too!!! yummo!!!!!!!!!!

    and i cant believe you ate EIGHT bunnies…wow!!!!!!!!!!!

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