Happy Birthday Liam

Today, my baby TURNED 7!!!

He has just informed me that he isn’t my baby… well I guess he isn’t anymore.    Seven feels so old…

Today we spent the morning at The Easter Show with the Haine family where the  kids and adults ventured onto the carnival rides including the merry go round, the giant slide, the teacups, the haunted house, the dogems and a bouncy castle.  Some of the highlights:

  • Liam driving himself and Anna on the dogems.. Liam steering and Anna on the accelerator which she had to half lie down to reach the peddle.  This is the first year Liam hasn’t had an adult in his car.
  • Taking Sophie on the teacups and going so fast  that even I was dizzy and feeling slightly ill at the end of the ride.
  • Watching Anna and Liam venture into the Haunted House only to see them quickly exit the ride via the entrance looking quite horrified.  In the end Helen having to go in with them and Lauren having  to be carried throughout the ride
  • All four kids playing the laughing clowns.. and two out of four toys breaking within 2 minutes of leaving the stall…
  • Mini donuts… hmmmm mini donuts.
  • The Polkadots show… well worth the visit, a bit long though but entertaining and easy to watch – much better than Ben10 from last year.
  • A well behaved Taylor who was chilled out in the pushchair or in someone’s arms.
  • Bring cupcakes and candles and singing Liam Happy Birthday on the steps of the Logan Campbell Centre.

Here are some photos of our day.  (Click on the collage to see it bigger)

This afternoon was filled with visitors and skype calls… followed by and easy dinner of Hell Pizza… feeling very tired now.. off to find some chocolate to munch on.. the Easter Bunny hasn’t even visited and there is MORE than enough eggs floating around here.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Liam

  1. Wow, what a fantastic birthday Liam had! Happy Birthday to your little man!
    Glad you guys enjoyed the Easter Show. We had planned to go … not a happening thing now!!! :-(

    Hmm, chocolate … I love Easter!

  2. ohhh those teacups look fun!!! love the haunted house thing too!!!
    what a fun day out for you all and birthday boy liam

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