Prima Masks a bit of Echo Park and a dose of sunshine

Wow another gorgeous gorgeous day here in Auckland, perfect weather for hanging out in the sunshine with friends  – a bit chilly in the shade though but lovely in the sun.  I just love this type of weather, not too hot to enjoy and the heat from the sun keeps the house still nice and cosy so we don’t have to use the heater yet.

Today we got to hang out with the lovely Sarah and Chloe who came to visit this afternoon.   There is just over 4 months age difference between the two of them (Chloe is older) and there are several similarities but some major differences between them at the moment.  As far as similarities go – they are both the same size (hee hee), I am not sure how long Taylor exactly is but Taylor weighs in more than Chloe and definitely wins in the chunky thighs category.   That is where the similarities end really as Chloe is moving, crawling mainly but is taking her first tentative steps and Taylor is just happily rolling onto her tummy and then getting stuck!  Even though the girls are doing different things they still managed to interact with each other.. Taylor enjoyed having Chloe to watch whilst Chloe enjoyed going over and bopping Taylor on the head with the peak a boo blocks (just kidding she was really well behaved!).   It won’t be long before Taylor gets a bit older and you won’t even notice the age gap… 

It was also good for me to see how ‘baby’ proof our house is … and I can see how much fun it will be with Taylor when she starts moving around all by herself.

Here is a picture of the cheeky monkeys hanging out!

Liam of course is busy as always.  It is the last week of term this week for him, the first two terms are longer ones this year due to the Rugby World Cup and we are definitely feeling that the end is near.   I think there maybe some wine celebrations on Friday to celebrate the holidays and surviving the first term of year 3.  Any excuse right?  Liam has started his winter season of football now too, we have mostly the same group of boys from our summer soccer team which is great as we all know each other and the same coach as last year. Unfortunately, we haven’t won any games yet but last weekend’s game was a thriller and the boys played really well going down 4-3.  Liam had a fantastic game scoring a hat trick and covering off well in defense.  We have been working a lot on good sportsmanship with him and supporting his team mates and we were so proud to see him clapping and cheering his team on when they saved goals or played well.    After having a bit of a nightmare with practice and his behaviour on Friday afternoon — everyone was so pleased his attitude was so much better and scoring all our goals just added icing on the cake that he  got POTD for his team.  Well done!

Lastly, I just wanted to share another layout, I got to play with some cool Prima Masks for Scrappin’ Patch this month.  I created a lovely subtle background and used some Echo Park Little Girl and Sassafras Las and Bella Blvd embellies along with the sewing machine to create this layout.  If  you want to see how the masks can be used with paint, mist and ink, check out my post here.


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