Just a quick post…

It’s been another busy weekend here…

  • Liam’s cricket game as cancelled, but we had prize giving at 10.30am… which took over an hour.  The boys did really well but it was a long time to sit still for.  
  • Gary finally got to do his half marathon over Rangitoto and Motutapu on Saturday… hmmm nice day for it.  Apparently, it was 75% jagged rocks and the rest was mud.  What fun!?!  He did 2.45mins which was amazing considering the rough terrain.  He was gone all day though after walking to the bus, catching the bus into town, then taking the ferry, and doing the race and getting the ferry/bus back again. 
  • Whilst he was gone, we hanged out at home with Aunty Nic and Grandma for awhile.  I even managed to finish off a layout for the Websters Challenge and the Prima BAP for March.
  • This morning we all headed off to Remuera for the first of the Run Auckland series, luckily the rain stayed away for the morning and Gary and I ran 5km together and Ryan also ran the 5km (just a wee bit faster than us).  Nicole was chief babysitter… luckily our children were lovely and easy to babysit.  Gary and I ended up doing 36.48 according to the flash GPS watch thingey but then that also says we ran an extra 70 metres… probably because we avoided the big mud swamp and finished on the path.  
  • This afternoon we popped into the North Shore Home and Garden show at the North Shore Events Centre.  It was quite interesting to wander around and spend virtual money… you know on a heat pump, a designer landscaped garden, a water filter, the new bathroom place, the interior designer, the shade sail, and an interior paint job.  Luckily the only actual cash handed over was the $9 entry and the $7 icecream from danish delight.  Maybe a lotto win is needed??
  • Today Taylor turned 6 months old !!  Gosh half a year… she is a delight (not danish).  She is such a happy girl… she is so interested in the world, if she is in your arms, nothing is safe – paper, hot drinks, laptops, food etc.  I need to go and weigh her tomorrow to see how much she weighs as everyone says how big she is when I say 6 months.   She is getting much better head control and rolls over often now from back to front – but not the other way around.  I would have to say her favourite food is pumpkin and she dislikes tinned or canned baby food that we have given her so far.  She is still wrapped at night  in her (wrap me up swaddle) and for her day time sleeps (in the ergo cocoon) and usually she has a dummy when she is going to sleep.  

I know I have shared these photos on Facebook… but here Taylor is at 6 months:

Well it’s after 9pm… so it is time to go and watch some TV and relax… here are the two layouts I did this weekend”

Prima March BAP

Websters March Challenge


3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. i saw that rangitoto thing on tv!! wowsa!!! it looked nuts!!! YAH gary for doing it!!!

    as for those layouts, very cool!!!
    cute Taylor – 6 months!!! wow!!!
    and all your family busy-ness FUN FUN FUN!!!

    time for a cup of tea i say!!!!

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