Right here, right now

So I am about to write in my new Kikki K book … a to do list and I turn the page … it has a series of questions pertaining to right here right now… so I got side tracked noting down some of the things that are happening right here right now…

Where am I?
At my scrapbooking desk, in the scrapbook/study.

What is the time of day?
Early afternoon, 1.45pm, it’s Monday.

How is the weather?
Rainy, perfect inside weather for doing things like baking or scrapbooking!

Who am I with?
By myself, Taylor is sleeping in her cot.  Indy is sleeping at the end of Liam’s bed.

What can I see?
a semi tidied room.  Finally, I have put away the stuff I took to crop, I can see a stray stamped butterfly, ink, lots of glitter and a photo of Liam as a baby.

What can I smell?
Nothing… probably a good thing.

What can I hear?
The music being played on the computer from itunes.  Right now.  “Happiness” by Alexis Jordan

How do I feel?
Like I am achieving, satisfied and productive

Why is this moment so special
it is special in its ordinariness.  But good.   Jobs are getting done and crossed off the to do list.  It is the nice ‘me’ time .. the calm before the storm of Taylor waking up, Liam coming home from school, homework, dinner being prepared and all that fun after school stuff.

and as if on cue… there is Taylor awake.

Hope you are having a good Monday…


3 thoughts on “Right here, right now

  1. cute list!!!!
    love the quiet before bubbas wake!!!!

    love that you are still putting stuff away from crop …me too!!!

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