A few good things…

Wow – it feels like only yesterday since I last posted!!  As usual – I ask where does the time go? 

So, I have a sneaky few minutes to post whilst the dinner is cooking and it is all quiet on the home front.   It has been so busy the last few weekends since I arrived back from Brisbane.  Filled with lots of fun activities and social gatherings which is great but sometimes it does feel like we are always rushing from one place to the next.    Hopefully this weekend will be a wee bit quieter with only cricket and a working bee planned for school at this stage.

I just wanted to post about some of  the  things that are brightening up my world at the moment.  With all the tragedy and heartbreak of the devastating Earthquakes in both Christchurch and now Japan it is important to remember all the good things /the things that you are grateful for…

So I am going to list mine, and if you blog, then I encourage you to blog about yours too or/and feel free to leave a comment about something that has brightened your day lately – I would love to hear about it.

  • My cheeky monkey, Taylor is cute, giggling and an amazing girl who just seems unfazed by being dragged from pillar to post (or from one BBQ to the next).  She is just so content and I am enjoying her so much.
  • My extra cheeky almost 7-year-old, who is doing so well with his year 3 homework so far this year, a big change from last year with Maths, Spelling and Reading every night.  I am super proud of how helpful you were Liam with the household chores and with Taylor whilst I was away.
  • My cool amazing husband who took off a whole week of work and spent time with his children.  I appreciate how much he does for both me and our kids… even if you don’t do it the right way sometimes :)
  • My wee nephew Mako is almost a month old (wow that time has flown).  My sister in Australia is doing so well at being a new mum and my brother-in-law has been an amazing support to her (and dealing with numerous extreme poo explosions on more than one occasion as well!! )
  • After 2 weeks off and feeling really guilty and stressed about not running.  I am back on the programme and ran 4km last night  in 30 mins and not sore at all today.  Looking forward to running again tomorrow.
  • Being part of an amazing group of women who I was lucky enough to spend a day with on Sunday – scrapbooking for Christchurch.  I feel incredibly lucky to be part of such an inspiring and lovely group of friends.  It was so nice to meet both Mandy and Heidi H in person… even if the reasons for you being there are so sad.  It was lovely to spend time even if it was only short.  It does feel like I already knew you both and it was so easy to just to hang out!!
  • Having a layout featured on the Prima blog again :)
  • Having great friends… right now I am on the PTA with a great bunch of gals who make me laugh (and drink way too much). 
  • My October gals …  it is so nice to be able to come online and see what you are all up too… even though I have only met a few of you in real life.   Your encouragement and genuine warmth and generosity blows me away.
  • Having lunch today with my lovely husband.. who finished work at 2pm and took Liam to cricket!! 
  • Good coffee with friends or even just by myself.
  • Phone calls to a lovely friend who knows me so well and I can bitch to about anything and who understands …  you are my person and save my sanity some days. 
  • Being able to switch back and forth from girl layouts to boy layouts.
  • Shopping at Pumpkin Patch for girly clothes … and realising that you can now shop in the big girl section which just means there is WAY more to choose from so lucky that they have layby!!
  • Sunny days… summer is just lingering on…

The list could really go on and on…   but now the boys have home from cricket, we have had dinner and the wine is gone so I should really post this post. 

Take care of yourselves…

M xx


3 thoughts on “A few good things…

  1. was nice to meet you too..and i know what you mean,,,,weird but it felt so natural hanging out..after chatting online on fb and forums!!! lol!!!
    next time i’ll make the trip a bit longer!!!

  2. Nice list of happy things!
    Sunday was great, such a fun day. And of course awesome to have our two special “out of town” guests there! :-)
    Yay on the running. We must have the same kind of pace I think, because I usually run 4km in 30 minutes. We should run together sometime :-)
    So are you or aren’t you doing the Orewa Beach 5K???

  3. What an awesome list of things Michelle. I love your positive thinking. Was feeling up to my eyes in it at work and read this while I had a quick coffee. Has made me feel all happy inside and make me mentally list my positives too. Thanks!

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