5 months on

Hi from sunny & hot Brisbane

It is a hot summery day with 33 degree heat… I am sitting in an air conditioned lounge with the oscars in the background on the VERY large TV.  It seems so far away from my every day life back in NZ… I am sure the kids are enjoying the time with their daddy… I have my spy on the ground to tell me if his dad is making the beds and doing all the appropriate housework.

So, it was a last minute decision to fly over to meet my  wee little nephew, Mako and spend some time helping out Shannon & Shade whilst I was here.  Of course, that meant leaving my own babies at home which I found really hard to do but in reality it wasn’t practical to bring Taylor here as I would spend most of my time looking after her and as it turns out no one in my house has owns a current passport !!  Except for me.  So I flew out on Friday morning on a brand new Air NZ 777 which I managed to get upgraded to premium economy which was NICE… it was a bit weird not having anyone else to worry about on the plane and being able to watch a whole movie in peace.

So the purpose of this post is that Taylor turned 5 months yesterday… I can’t believe how quick that has gone… she  is growing up so fast, no longer a newborn, developing her own little personality.

I just wanted to note down some of her general stats and what she is doing right now at 5 months.

She now weighs 7.5kg and is 66cm long.  She is well proportioned (according to the plunket nurse) and is just creeping over the 50th percentile for her height and weight.  She has now pretty much grown out of all her 0- 3 months singlets and fits a combination of 0-3 months and 3-6 months t-shirts and pants.  She is still smaller than her brother and would have long been out of 0-3 months at the same age.

Taylor has just cut her second tooth (in the last week) and has been a bit grizzly at times with her teething.  She is about half a month earlier than Liam with his first teeth.

Taylor has in the last week started solid food.  She now has baby rice, pumpkin and home made pureed apple.  She quite likes to blow raspberries with mouthfuls of pumpkin which is VERY MESSY and goes everywhere.  I have made up several batches in these cute ice cube trays made by Mumi & Bubi and frozen them which makes life heaps easier.

Taylor gives us loads of smiles and more often giggles now when she finds things amusing.  She definitely recognises both Gary and I and if someone she doesn’t know as well is holding her and she doesn’t see us for awhile then she can get a bit anxious.

Taylor is just starting to get the hang of rolling.  She can roll from her tummy to her back and I think it is only a matter of time before she gets the hang of the rolling thing…still doesn’t have massive of motivation though and probably prefers just chilling out on her back.

Taylor is still wrapped up tightly in either her Ergo Cocoon wrap during the day or her wrap me up swaddle.  She still sleeps for shorter 45 minute naps during the day and seems to sleep longer for her Daddy than her Mummy.  She  is a good night sleeper though and will generally do a 9 hour stint followed by a quick feed and then goes back down for another hour or so.

I think that is all I can think about at the moment.  Mostly, she is a lovely baby… who goes along for the ride (which is lucky considering that is what she has to do with all that Liam gets up too!!).

Will sign off now… off for more baby Mako cuddles and some dinner soon.



3 thoughts on “5 months on

  1. Both of your kids have been very good so far. Taylor has had a rosy cheek from her new tooth but generally being very brave. Liam has been taking on more responsibility and even fed Taylor some of her apple yesterday.

  2. Happy 9 months to Taylor! I bet you are missing her and Liam like crazy, but it certainly sounds like they are in very capable hands! :-)

    Enjoy the special time with your sister and especially the new baby cuddles!

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