So, this is it… the last post for 2010.  I am sure that 2010 had less days than normal because it just feels like it was the fastest year we have had yet.  It is crazy to think how much our lives have changed since the beginning of the year.  Here are just a few cool things that we did this year:

  • At the end of 2009 I had just started working part time, now I am back home again with the two kids.  It was crazy juggling part time work for the entire time that Liam was at school and then juggling home life as well.  Enjoyed seeing the bank balance grow with money I was earning though.  Throwing pregnancy on top of that and boy was I tired at times.
  • We went proper camping, in a tent for the first time in 2010.  We survived gale force winds, the gazebo didn’t blow away and packing up in the torrential rain and the tent needed to go in the car first.  Can’t wait to again in 2011.  22 days and counting!!
  • Liam scored so many goals in soccer (that I have lost count!!)
  • Of course the biggie would have to be baby number 2, Taylor Grace.  I think 2010 was all about her for me really, firstly finding out that I was pregnant at Auckland Anniversary weekend and probably spending the rest of 2010 trying to actually believe that this was really happening, then shopping up a storm for her arrival, finding out she was breech and then she was finally here.  The first few months have flown by – recalling all the stuff we had forgotten about being parents to a newborn – the good and the challenging !
  • Juggling two kids – who are doing very different things… luckily for us Taylor is a pretty chilled out wee lass.  She is a veteran of the cricket practice, the summer soccer games and the swimming lessons.  I’m sure more challenging times lay ahead when she wants to start moving and then mummy will keep fit chasing her around the place I am sure.

So quickly before I go… here are my favourite layouts of 2010 in no particular order!!


4 thoughts on “2010

  1. Yes. It’s been quite a busy year, hasn’t it? :) I’m glad you’ve played such a big part in mine. May 2011 be another great one.

    And – I LOVE ALL your LO’s. You are so inspiring, and talented.


  2. 2010 sure has been a big year for you! I bet you can’t imagine life without Taylor Grace now. And it’s been great working with you at the Patch, and hanging out in real life a bit more … hope it continues in 2011! Catch you at Hahei, yeah? ;-)

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