Isn’t just amazing how fast this year has flown by….

  • 2011 is just around the corner
  • Liam only has two days left of school in year 2
  • Taylor is 11 weeks old
  • Christmas is coming (whether we like it or not)
  • The weather has been so amazing – it feels like we should already be half way through summer!

Liam –

You can definitely tell that it is getting near the end of term 4…for Liam he is getting tired, the long daylight hours mean he is in bed later and going to sleep later.  He  is loving playing outside at the moment and most nights this conflicts with dinner and bed time as he wants to just be hanging out with his friends and not having to come inside for bath and bed.  Who can blame him really especially with these hot muggy days.   I am definitely looking forward to winding up school and all the extra curricular activities for the year so we can just go with the flow and have less restrictions on bedtime and hopefully getting up times. 

As the end of the school year looms, Liam got his school report today.  He is progressing well mostly academically through and I think is keeping up nicely with his peers.  He has had some  time management and staying on task challenges this year and hopefully this is something he can improve on next year.  I do have to remind myself sometimes that he is still young and there are some children in his class that are almost a year older than him.  So we are pretty proud that is doing well and mostly makes good choices when it comes to school.   He has loved having his teacher Mrs P this year and I think he will really miss being in her class next year.  She really tapped into Liam and his personality which can be moody at times and I know I really appreciated that she took the time to ‘look after’ him this year seeing as he  was so much younger than his classmates.  Sally actually took Liam for reading and maths subjects for some of last year too which helped as well… so it will be interesting having a completely new teacher next year.    Liam particularly enjoyed the space topic they did in Term 3, he knows all the phases of the moon and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with the rest of the class.  This term they are doing the Olden Days and a lot of focus is on what life was like 100 years ago… erm  since when is that 1910 … no longer in the 1800s now… gosh that makes me feel old!!    It has been an interesting topic … they changed the classroom around so that they had rows of desks instead of wide tables to sit around, out came the blackboards and chalk and lots of talk about long drops and no television which amused the boys as you can imagine.  Tomorrow, Liam’s teacher is bring in her ponies and the kids are going to have rides… which is pretty cool!!  One of the other parents had a couple of old vintage cars which came school too during  the term. 

Liam is playing both cricket and summer soccer again this year.  Summer soccer is going pretty well, what a difference a year makes… we have quite a good little team and are sitting about middle of the table.  Again the calibre of players is really high so the competition is pretty fierce.   It is definitely a great way to keep up Liam’s skills during the summer before winter starts up again in April next year.    This year, Liam is playing up a grade in cricket as the club changed the Y1/2 cricket to skills on a Friday night…so as Liam has already played cricket we decided to put him up to y3/4 cricket.  He is playing in a team of Y3 boys so with no Y4 boys and he is holding his own pretty well. Some of the bowlers that bowled at him last weekend I would have been scared… they bowled so FAST… He is doing really well with the bat and scores the occasional 4 during the games, his running between the wickets is miles better this year and his bowling is coming on… still does some lovely extra wides but he is starting to understand how to bowl properly. 


Taylor is 11 weeks this week almost at the magic 12 mark and is being a little devil during the day and doing short cat naps… she still needs to be wrapped but with this humidity she gets so HOT….doing really well at night and is doing 9-10 hours.  So we are grateful for that.  She is gurgling and talking lots and makes very cute noises.  Smiles are there but difficult to catch on camera which is really frustrating!!  This week we just changed her pushchair from the bassinet to the normal mountain buggy seat which she is enjoying!!  She is kicking her feet a lot at the moment  and will push off the table if her foot hits it.  She is definitely getting more settled for longer playing or sitting and watching what is going on around her. 

Me –

I have started doing some exercise again and I am having two PT sessions a week and doing at least one walk on my own.  Things are going pretty well and I am trying to be very good and eat according  to the plan and cut out the  bad stuff.. although the occasional treat sneaks in at times.  I started on 27th November so in three weeks I have lost:

Arms L = 1.5cm
Arms R = 1 cm
Under Bust (bra line) =3.75cm
Waist smallest part =2.5cm
Belly button = 4.5cm
Hips = 6.5cm
Bottom = 2.5cm
Legs L =.5cm
Legs R = 1.25cm

Today I did this grueling boxing session and I still have problems using my arms …  which makes carrying a baby interesting!  So exercising is taking precedence over scrapbooking which is sad :o( . 

Anyway, going to post this post… if you are still reading this…wow thanks for sticking it out!



3 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. Great to read an update on both Liam and Taylor!
    Good on you for taking up the exercise again, now you & Annelie & I can talk gym/running and nobody will feel left out, hehe! :-) Well done on all the cms lost, not that you even needed to lose anything!

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