No title

Couldn’t think of anything witty for a title so … no title it is :o)

So I started a blog post yesterday morning and at the end of the day… still never finished it so I’ve started again.

Been busy and would love to have more time to blog but right now it just isn’t happening… they don’t call the silly season for nothing, so here is life in bullet point form:

Taylor is now 9 weeks (or just over 2 months old).  She is doing amazing sleeps over night… she is a little bit naughty during the day and only catnapping at times but we are working on that.  She is growing up so fast… here is a comparison shot of Liam and Taylor both at 9 weeks… looking very much alike.  I am thinking though she will be darker and hasn’t really lost any hair, both have their cute little mohawks but Taylors eyes are definitely murkier and sometimes look blue but other times are more muddy and brown.  Time will tell…

Another layout that I did as a supporting layout for Annelie’s sketch challenge at  Scrappin Patch:

Off now … and get this posted before another day goes by and still not blogging done.  Hope you are enjoying the summery weather!!


2 thoughts on “No title

  1. She is doing so well, Michelle. I’m glad she is sleeping great at night, it makes up for the short daytime sleeps, huh? ;-)
    Love that they both have the same cute mohawks!

    Oh, and once again that is a gorgeous page!

  2. she is obviously a wee social butterfly, doesn’t want to miss anything during the day … and if you are having awesome night time sleeps … stick with whatever it is that you are doing!

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