The week that was…

So another week done and dusted.  Liam was asking when it was going to be the 25th November… as that means it is only 1 month till Christmas.  I am getting there on the Christmas shopping but as always there is still more to be done.  I am not sure about how early the Christmas decorations are going up around the place though and Santa is already at Sylvia Park!! 

I thought I would do weekly update before little Miss woke up:

  • Liam has been sick and had Friday off school and wasn’t 100% all weekend, so no soccer, no cricket and no swimming (don’t think he minded the no swimming part).  He had a bit of croup on Saturday night but mostly he was very good about not being very well and got to spend lots of time with me and having cuddles etc.
  • I had one layout featured on the Prima blog, along with 3 other NZers, Bev, Francine and Megan. 
  • I was a Sketchy Thursday’s Fave again
  • I managed to get some things ticked off the to do list and get in some scrapbooking

I’m sure there is more… but I have a memory blank right now.. okay better post this but before I go, here are some photos of Liam and Taylor !!


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