Similarities and differences

So we have survived the first month!!  Taylor is mostly a dream baby… so far she seems a lot more chilled out than Liam was as a babe… or maybe that is due to their parents being more relaxed?? 

So… the one month milestone got me thinking and so I went off to find a photo of Liam at one month old.  I know that everyone says that Taylor looks a lot like Liam and she does… I definitely tell people that Taylor’s hair is a bit darker  than Liam’s hair.  Except, now I realise it is actually a LOT darker.  Liam was born with dark hair but it lightened up — I just didn’t realise how early it started to get fairer.  Seeing their pics side by side I can see similarities yet I can see a lot of differences as well…

It is so nice to be able to look back and see how the two compare… here they both are at one month old:



So what do you think?


6 thoughts on “Similarities and differences

  1. they are both so adorable!!! They most definitely look a lot a like!!! I think they may have a different nose? at least in this pic the nose looks different…Taylor looks a bit more like your husband too!

  2. cute cute cute…and yeah similar…but different if that makes sense.,,,,love how babies squish themselves into various positions!!! cutie!!

  3. Yes they are very similar but i think its the nose that is differnet they both have the same eyes and mouth…well thats what i think anyway and both very cute

  4. You can definitely tell that they are siblings, but I agree that there are differences as well. Seeing both photos together proves that.

    Above all, they are both SO cute!!

  5. Awww your make gorgeous babies. Def look alike but taylor a girlie version for sure. You can tell Liam is a little dude right from the start too. Sooo so cute!

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