Taylor Grace

Right, quick two seconds to spare.  Need to write a blog post…

As many of you already know… we are now a family of 4 with the addition of our gorgeous wee girl Taylor Grace.

Taylor wasn’t due till the 6th October but we got to meet her early due to her being upside down (or breech) and with not much room to move, we decided  to take the sunroof option and Taylor was born by c-section on Monday 27th September 2010 at 3.38pm, weighing in at 3.3kg or 7lbs 4oz.  

Now it is really hard to imagine life without her. 

I apologise in advance for the boring, detailed posts that will come over the next few weeks.  I am finding if I don’t write things down then  they just vanish from my memory into thin air.    So I am going to try and blog some of the little things that I don’t want to forget… oh that is if I have time to blog or doing anything else for that matter.

We were lucky and got a cancellation for an elective c-section on the Monday.  We were required to report to North Shore Hospital at 10.30am in the morning.  Of course, I had to starve myself for hours before the operation so lots of time spent waiting around thinking about my poor pregnant stomach which was very very hungry.  It is a bit odd, with a c-section they place you up in the maternity ward and you wait to be brought down to have your baby and then they bring you back up.  I found this a bit disconcerting.. unfortunately, NSH was really busy and I was in a shared room.  The first person we bumped into was a guy that Gary does Run Auckland with whose wife had just had a baby.. and then oddly enough they were vacating the same shared room that day too.  Such a small world!  We were told so many different stories about the time we were going into theatre, we started off second in the queue, then on arrival we were told 3rd in the queue, then the second in the queue was in labour so we were bumped up the list, but then that lady had to have an emergency c-section so I think we got bumped back down again. 

Anyway, we went into pre-op at about 2.00pm, where I had an IV put in and then we were finally wheeled into theatre.  Having an epidural was an interesting experience, not sure how much I would have liked to do that during a contraction.  It took ages to get the right angle and it felt like my neck was falling off… eventually, the weird sensation of warmth went down my back and into my legs and I could no longer feel anything from above my waist right down my toes…   The operation itself was a lot more physical than I was expecting.. they pretty much have to tug and manipulate the baby out of there.  You don’t feel any pain but you certainly feel all the tugging and pulling!!  It is definitely a bit disconcerting hearing the Obs going can you feel this pinch.. nope “Good, pass me the knife please… ”   Taylor came out feet, then bottom, then back, then head and it was a relief to be shown her over the curtain… she looked amazing !!  Gary was called over to a table over the side where Taylor was being looked over, she only needed a small amount of oxygen and apart from that was doing well.  Unfortunately, this table was off to the side and they were then stitching me up so Gary…. probably got more of a view than he really wished to have of what was behind the curtain…  Once the checks were done, Taylor was wrapped up and Gary held her at my head whilst I was stitched up. 

From there, we spent about 20 mins in recovery and then back up to our room.    I stayed 2 nights at North Shore, where they were very understaffed.  I was lucky to have a really nice midwife the first night but I was pretty much left to my own devices.  Taylor was quite unsettled the second night so I spent a wee bit of time wandering the halls of the hospital with her before she would fall asleep.  I was really lucky to get into the lovely Warkworth Birth Centre on the Wednesday… totally luck of the draw and asking at the right time.  The ladies there were AMAZING!!   It was such a lovely and calm environment compared to the hospital, lots of help was on offer, milos were made for me and 3 course meals for every meal.  I totally recommend going up there and would go again. 

The first  two weeks

Taylor has been a wonderfully placid little girl so far, she is sleeping well (for a newborn) and is quite happily moved from one place to another from carseat to pushchair and then back again without waking.  She was a bit jaundiced at birth so that accounts for some of the sleepiness.  She loves of course to be sleep in our arms and of course we indulge her a wee bit too.  At night, we get a least one 4 hour + sleep and then usually another 3 hour sleep, we have even had a 5 hour sleep (just once).  So far, I am not feeling a sleep deprived as I thought I would be.  Taylor is usually quite easily to settle back down if she is no longer hungry.  I cannot recommend the Nature’s Sway Hammock for night time sleeping… I really have to credit the hammock for her great night time sleeps.  Feeding is going mostly well… Taylor is really happy to wait paitently for me to latch her on… we have had a few hiccups in the early days but hopefully things are starting to click together now.  

Taylor has:

  • been to her first coffee group at Pickles on Apollo;
  • visited MacVad to see my workmates and to pick up her own Buzzy Bee;
  • had plenty of big brother cuddles;
  • has watched Liam bat at the cricket holiday programme
  • has picked up Liam from a birthday party at Ten Pin Bowling, Link drive;
  • been to Albany and Takapuna Westfields..

and I am sure there is a few more things… which I can’t think of at the moment.


Liam is adjusting mostly well to having a little sister.  I don’t get a show in when we are out and about and he is in charge of the mountain buggy.  He is really gentle with Taylor and is being a great help to his Mummy and fetches remotes, water bottles, turns on heaters, turns off heaters.  He does have moments of being a bit cheeky and displaying ‘look at me silly behavioúr’ but nothing major. 

Okay, little munchkin is waking up so it must be feed time.  I am going to post this before it doesn’t get done.  No time to ldo proper links or photos at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Taylor Grace

  1. So nice to finally read the birth story, which I’m sure I will hear in person when I do get to visit you … hopefully soon as I’m excited to meet Taylor!

    I just LOVE her name, as you know Tayla Grace was the name we had chosen for a girl when I was pregnant with Ethan!

    Oh, and I’m glad you were able to go to Warkworth. I went there after I had Ethan and it was fabulous … unfortunately I couldn’t go after I had Tyler as they were full (and so was Birthcare in Parnell).

    It sounds like Taylor is doing really well! And already out and about, doing lots of shopping! She must take after her mama! :-)

    Look forward to catching up soon xx

  2. so your young lady is a bit of a social butterfly already huh … and what about you getting out and about like that after having just given birth … wow … enjoy motherhood, it really is different second time around … or is that because we have forgotten so much from our first – if that makes sense.

  3. Ohh you all sound like your doing so well!! and Liam is being a lovely big brother…
    So nice you go to stay in the birthing centre, with both of mine I went to birth care afterwards…they are just so nice and helpful, I wanted to move in, sadly they would not let me stay for ever…Steve and I were both saying today how fast Jack has grown up and he will always be our baby…enjoy that lovley baby stage….
    Xox Caroline

  4. Welcome to Taylor….great to hear you are all doing well and that Liam has adjusted well to his sister. I had issues with my c-section with my Liam(he was breech also) and would rather natural birth anyway its such a weird experience to knwo they are cutting you open and your still awake but to make sure baby and mum are safe its worth it. Looking forward to when you have time to post photos.

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