27 days okay 26 1/2 days

and counting…

Can you tell that I am in major countdown mode. 

It has turned into a lovely and warm sunny day here in Auckland.  I have been out trying to achieve some things this morning and had to come home and change into a t-shirt.  Shame it comes up half way to my arm pits at the moment with my bump.     Latest pic of me at 36 weeks…  this weather makes me want to get healthy, exercise and drink lots of water but then reality kicks in and I realise that exercising might just be off the cards for a wee bit longer as the 250m waddle to school is about my limit!


This pretty much sums up Liam at the moment… CHEEKY!  He is definitely been a cheeky boy both at school and at home.  He has taken over the electronics in the house and will happily play on the computer, log in including the password, google search, open up Farmville (attempt to buy some nice FV $$ – luckily he doesn’t have the credit card details yet), plant crops, harvest crops and play solitaire.  His hands are continually glued to one remote or another, he  is into recording his shows on MySky, namely Scooby Doo.  He is turning into such a male.   He is also the laptop monitor at school – he gets to turn on the computers in the morning. 

We have just finished our winter soccer season and I guess I can say it has been a pretty successful second season for him and his team with a mixture of convincing wins, draws and some pummeling losses!   Liam finished the season on 43 goals (no one else in the team has more than 10 goals) and by the end of the season there were definitely playing positions.  Luckily for Liam – there is no offside rule in 6th Grade!  We are off to prize giving this evening. 

Next, we have signed up for another summer soccer season at Albany and cricket will be starting at the end of  October as well. 

This pretty much sums him up at the moment:  Gary found it on the internet (not sure of the source)

“Six-year olds have to be right. The early self is fragile when it begins to recognize the perspective of others. Six doesn’t accept criticism or blame with composure. Instead, he argues or even lies to avoid blame. He also hates losing and will blatantly cheat, or change the rules, to win in a competition.

This difficult period can be a learning opportunity when parents approach these behaviours with gentle firmness. Don’t push competition on your six-year old. Instead, provide opportunities for non-competitive games and activities this year. Be matter-of-fact about lying and cheating. Don’t let them slide; add a consequence for lying and explain that cheating spoils the game.

Six-year olds need encouragement and praise. They need to know that it’s okay to make mistakes and how to be a gracious loser. Too much pressure for perfect grades and model behaviour increases six’s tension and is not appropriate at this stage of development. Focus on being attentive and accepting to help him feel good about being who he is at age six.”

Lastly, I signed up to play along at Scrapbook Nook’s back to school competition.  It is pretty full on so I am not sure exactly how much I will get done but it is nice to have a bit of focus in my scrapbooking.  Here is my layout which focusses a lot on graphic design and elements such as balance, triangles, focal points etc.  I have used a mix of Echo Park, Sassafras Las and Crate Paper Brook Collection.  The butterflies are a Prima stamp.   The photos were taken when Gary and Liam did the Shore 2 Shore 5km walk / run to raise money for sports equipment.  It was a bit of a nightmare, Liam moaned and groaned all the way through it took them ages to complete the event.  Hence the title!  Liam expended just a bit too much energy chasing kids in his class prior to the race he didn’t quite have enough left in the tank.

Till next time



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