That is the number of Tuesdays left to go… holy smoke! 

Yep, 33 weeks today, or 7 weeks to go, or 49 days !! (ahem, no pressure Nicole!!)

Here is me… comparative to my last photo… I think I have changed shape a bit, not sitting as low as before, thank goodness as that was bloody uncomfortable.  Still have heaps of room up near the rib cage so breathing is still going well.. except if I attempt to walk up a hill!

I have added a comparable shot of where I was with Liam, do you think I was bigger then… I think I was!  Maybe just a little… maybe this is because I have been laying off the icecream in the last week or so. Except, I have been substituting that for cupcakes and pinky bars. 

Oooooh, so the courier man has been very nice to me over the last few weeks… and look what turned up this morning.  My new OiOi Satchel Bag!  I am so pleased!  It came with the Aden & Anais wraps free !  It is grey and TURQUOISE and just the right size, its a little indulgent  but I think I am allowed a little indulgence and it is so GORGEOUS!



4 thoughts on “Seven

  1. You are looking amazing, both in photos and in real life … and you looked amazing when pregnant with Liam too! I was like a HOUSE with both of my pregnancies.

    LOVE the bag – sooooo stylish!

  2. um you consider that big? cos I just think you look tiny in both, probably not what you think right now when you walk up hills lol.

    I think you suit pregnancy you are blooming.
    love the colour of that bag too. Happy Wedding Anny to you and Gary both. Hope you had a wonderful day.

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