and now Eight

It was eight years ago today, that a younger, much skinner version of me walked down the aisle to meet my lovely (abeit richer) man.  At least I have an excuse this year for being rounder… and my hubby now has a richer life for having me and Liam in it.  And there is just now more of me to love…

And I have been making his lunches so what more could a husband want…

Here we are – don’t we look young (okay Gary always looks young!!) … believe it or not, it was FREEZING… and we were outside taking photos in between rain showers — the things you do for LOVE.

Happy 8 years to us!

PS. Sorry Honey, I had to take the big album out of the study wardrobe and now I can’t put it back … can you do that when you get home?  It is heavy!


3 thoughts on “and now Eight

  1. You both look the same!!!…
    How lovely are you too!!..
    Hope he eats his lunches and does not forget to take them like mine does!!

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