Cupcakes… pink & white marshmellows, yoga, dealing with stubborness and cricket !

lol.. that is what I have  been doing today…  a bit of  a strange combination you might say.  But let me explain.

Firstly, I have posted up the fortnightly sketch challenge at Scrappin’ Patch.  It is a fab sketch by the lovely Trina, who kindly let me borrow it.  If you don’t know about Trina’s sketches… she posts them most Saturdays so do visit and have a look if you need inspiration!

and here is my layout.. it is about  Liam’s first season of cricket!

Detailed shot:

So cupcakes and pink & white marshmellows… yep I have been baking up some yummy goodies for my baby shower tomorrow… it’s going to be so much fun & I am hoping that no one is bring their ‘diet’s’ with them because there are some sugary treats that need to be eaten!

This morning’s soccer was cancelled yesterday as the grounds are just so WET which means a small sleep in for me.  Then it was off to Pregnancy Yoga with Jo which was a nicely timely reminder for me to take time out for myself oh and that I really need to do something about the tightness in my legs!   I do have leave early to get Liam to swimming though so I do miss out on the nice relaxation part at the end..

Next comes the  bit about dealing with the stubborn child that wouldn’t get in the pool… what the?  Not sure why but today he got a bee in his bonnet and decided that he didn’t want to swim.  Not that it would be his first choice most of the time, but when he is in the pool he is fine.   So we sat there… watching this class swim for most of the lesson whilst everyone tried to coax him into the pool… this isn’t really effective.  Although my threats of spending the whole entire afternoon in his room and that meant he couldn’t help with the cupcakes etc finally meant he decided to get into the pool with 10 mins to go.  Argggh it was like trying to extract water from stone…  he swam fine and did great for that 10 mins.  I really hope that this second child of ours doesn’t inherit the stubborn streak.. I wonder where he gets it from?

Anyway, had better go… still plenty to be done before tomorrow… I will post some photos of the baby shower sometime shortly after.



One thought on “Cupcakes… pink & white marshmellows, yoga, dealing with stubborness and cricket !

  1. Oh, stubborn children are THE BEST! Um…

    Love the LO, but you knew that already! And for tomorrow – I will be leaving my diet where it has been for the last few days, hiding on the addict… ;)

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