A bit of this, a bit of that

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

So what has been happening this week.  Well a little bit of this and a little bit of that really.


I have done a couple of layouts  which I can’t share with you just yet as I will do a full  reveal when I have completed everything.   Yesterday, I finally started working on a mini book with the yummy Crate Paper, Brook Collection.  I was going to sort out a mini album for after the baby arrives  but I am not sure the colours are going to work anymore so I am turning it into an album of Liam’s adventures in the Blue Mountains, the colours are perfect for these types of outdoorsey photos.   Unfortunately, I now need to print out some more of these photos so the album is on hold until I can get to Harvey Norman.

After catching up with Hannah & Annelie for lunch, I decided that I needed to get some of our holiday photos sorted as often these photos tell a great story but aren’t  necessary ones that need me to do a full on scrapbooking page with, but they are still important none the less!  Also, time and money just doesn’t permit me to do this either.  I have tried and (not finished) the mini book option so now I have got some We R Memory Keepers Album inserts and I am going to slot in photos and journal our trips – so at least we can look at them!   I am going to get them on Monday so I will let you know how they go…  At the moment, I am SEVERAL trips behind so I am hoping to get some of our latest trips sorted in the next few weeks!!  At least we don’t have any more trips planned at the moment so I might actually be able to catch up!!


Liam has settled back into school nicely.  His goal for this term is to use capital letters and full stops properly in his story writing.  I like this goal, and I like that they get the children used to setting tangible and accessible goals to work towards each term.   He decided that he would like to have a fire pattern in his hair this time when he went for a hair cut.   It only lasts a couple of weeks.

He came out with the funniest statement the other day.  He requested that he would like a step sibling… I can’t remember if it was a brother or sister.  He said that this would be an easy feat to acheive …  it would just mean that Daddy and Mummy would need to go and find someone else to marry and then he would get his wish for a step sister or brother.  Hee Hee, the concept is right but we mentioned that .. this  wasn’t likely to happen!!

In the kitchen…

In my last post, I mentioned my menu plan for the rest of July, which went really well last week.  Except I was getting a bit tired by Friday so it was American hotdogs for dinner instead of what I had originally planned.  The good thing about that is, I can now move the meal we were  going to have then into next week!  I made yummy smoked fish and potato mini pies and Hannah’s Mac n Cheese which was so GOOD.  I thoroughly recommend it!!   I like getting recipes that a tried and true from friends!

These have been breakfasts for the last two mornings – yummy muesli, yoghurt and mixed berry parfaits!  So easy to make.  Take 1 cup of berries (I used frozen but I can imagine this would be yum with fresh berries in summertime!), greek yoghurt and toasted muesli.   Add the mixed berries to a saucepan with 1/4 cup of sugar and simmer on a med heat for 15 mins.    Once done layer in parfait glasses and serve!

And then there was 10 weeks to go…

Gary mentioned how little photos there are of me pregnant this time around.  Next week, there will only be 10 weeks to go.  Its been almost a month since I took my last photo.  I tried to use the same top as before, I think I am a little bigger – but not too much thank god!

OMG – these are just some of things that are running around my head at the moment!

  • On one hand, 10 weeks sounds so little time, on the otherhand October still seems to be far into the future.
  • Am I ready? I feel less prepared this time around, I feel a lot more unfit and mentally unprepared.
  • How much will click into place,  6.5 years between babies is a lifetime yet this time around I am comforted in the knowledge that a crying baby isn’t a baby that is going to break.
  • I am feeling a lot more confident in my abilities as a mother, and no I am not perfect, nor can I expect to be.  I know now to trust MY instincts and not take all the conflicting advice that you receive in those early days to heart.
  • How many clothes does one baby need, do I need more… no probably not.   Gosh I hope it is a girl.
  • I wonder how Liam will enjoy sharing my lap with a sibling.  He is certainly climbing into mine a LOT at the moment and has admitted he is taking advantage whilst he can.  Not that I am complaining!!
  • Hmmmm, we are doing Antenatal classes (again) to meet some new people, I hope it isn’t going to be too much of a challenge, how hilarious will it be with first time parents being there.  I hope we meet some nice people though.  Can we ditch the practical parenting course though … yes I think we can!!

So lastly, I have done a bit of this…

I just couldn’t resist taking some photos… about 20 mins after this it bucketed down and I had to rush out and collect it all in ….


4 thoughts on “A bit of this, a bit of that

  1. So much to comment on! YAY for getting your photos sorted, I felt inspired to get my latest ones printed but didn’t follow through … must do that!!
    I love Liam’s “firey” hair … soooo cool. Now that both my boys have short hair I am thinking we could do something like that. Ethan’s had a pattern done before but not as awesome looking as the fire.
    Oh, and I’m glad you liked the Mac & Cheese. Yummy, huh?! We had it AGAIN on Friday night. And I ate leftovers for breakfast AND lunch yesterday!
    Look at all those pretty pink girly clothes … you’re going to have so much fun!!!

  2. Looking gorgeous my friend, not long to go now… You’ll be fine by the way, having another one. It’ll all come back to you – good and bad! :)

    Looking forward to see al your latest creations and BE INSPIRED. Because I am NOT at the moment, and I have SO MUCH to do!

    Sigh… ;)

  3. yep – there is a wee bit of pink going on … and wowser on that wee bulge, 10 weeks to go and you’ve still only got a wee bulge! Crikey!

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