First day of the school holidays

So it’s the first day of the school holidays, wet and rainy and the perfect day to stay indoors.  Liam has a bit of  cold so we did venture out a to watch a Magic Show at Albany Mall for a bit this morning – not sure why they called it a Magic Show but it was McDonalds sponsored and maybe they couldn’t get a Ronald McDonald that could do magic ?? but there was plenty of songs – all about road safety and a story – again about road safety (you get the theme here) and it kept the kids amused for half an hour!! Hamburlgar turned up too… of course the kids didn’t have a foggiest who the heck he was but all the adults in the audience did.  And it was FREE.  Next stop, quick takeaway coffee at Esquires (with four kids under 6 … you get the drift).  Then we headed to the little playground for a play before we went home.  Liam is now veged out on the couch watching his favourite TV programme on DVD – Scooby Doo!!  Hopefully, he will be feeling better tomorrow as he is off to Kids First for the day, I think he will.

I don’t know if it is me… but we have all been much sicker this winter than any other.  I am a bit over it to be honest, but it is nice not to have to go to work now and so I don’t feel guilty about having to take time off to look after him.

So we are at home, not doing much, I did manage to put the finishing touches to the latest sketch and colour combo challenge at Page Maps you win some FAB chipboard … wouldn’t that be great to win!! The colour combo was a bit INTERESTING… but I like how summery the colours are together and with it being winter here it at least reminds me that I love summer a lot.  This photo was taken AGEs ago but I love it.  I also used one of my glimmer mists for the first time ever on the little clouds.

Other highlights in the last week or so:

  • Liam getting player of the day at soccer.  Liam has been playing really well positionally – more up front in a striker position but on Saturday we needed him to step up and play more midfield and  he made some great tackles and did a lot of hard work to help out his team. They didn’t win but the team they played are the best in their grade and they held their own in the second half.  I always like watching this team play as there a couple of kids from Liam’s kindergarten that play so it is nice to see them as well.
  • Taking the camera to soccer and getting some great – if not interesting action shots that I can scrap.
  • Getting some stuff tidied up around the house – poor house has been neglected a bit with work but I wanted to get Liam’s room sorted out.  So it is nice to get some stuff crossed off the list.
  • Going to see Toy Story 3 with the family… it is nice to be able to all go to the movies together – Liam isn’t that excited about movies but he did want to see this one.
  • Going shopping for cute baby girl clothes… hee hee I hope this is definitely a girl otherwise we are in trouble!!
  • Liam’s great parent teacher interview… especially how he is a lovely boy in class and that his teachers trust him to sit in the back row on the mat as he will sit still and sit nicely.  It isn’t always about the academics but it is nice to hear that the teachers don’t dread having him in the classroom.

So what have been your highlights….


6 thoughts on “First day of the school holidays

  1. Love the layout and the colours you have used. Sounds like you are keeping busy, and yay for the great parent/ teacher interview. We dont have ours till the second week back in term 3, and mid year reports are given out on first day back for term 3, im looking forward to hear what the teachers have to say. My boys would love to go to the movies but its jsut cost to much so every holidays I buy a DVD instead and get popcorn and bottle of fizzy for them…these holidays we got Alice in Wonderland, they have watched it more than once already so that must be a thumbs up ah,lol. Hope you are all feeling better soon, winter is bad enought to deal with let alone being sick as well.

  2. Very nice LO Michelle, what a great photo too!! I LOVE the little embellishment cluster at the bottom of the page!

  3. That is such a CUTE layout, Michelle!! The clouds with the glimmermist look great!
    Hope Liam is feeling better tomorrow and enjoys his kids programme.

  4. Hoping all your sickness is a thing of the past then for the rest of the winter. It is a very cute layout and I also love your wee embellishments at the bottom – just might be borrowing that idea. LOL. Also LOL over buying the girls clothes.

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