Back to being a lady of LEISURE…

Happy Happy Thursday morning everyone.

Sorry this is a bit of long one!!

So, as you may be able to guess from the title…. no more work for me.   I am officially a lady of leisure again.  It is rather nice to not have to rush through the morning chores, brekkie and rush out the door to work this morning and to know that I don’t have to quickly do everything that I need to do today – as I have to go back to work again tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong… I really enjoyed working, loved having my own little role  that was mine and that was my responsibility but to be honest it was getting to be more of a struggle every day to juggle both of my jobs.. my working life and my home life.  Unfortunately, I am a victim of wanting to be everything to everyone and at it was getting to the point where I was becoming ‘nobody to no one at all’ so I had to make the decision to take that step back and concentrate on my home part of my job.

So that is where the lady of leisure bit comes in lol…  nah seriously!

Last weekend, we headed down to the Christchurch for a long weekend.  It was the first time Liam had been to the South Island, which I think is such a shame… he has travelled all around the world, London, Singapore, Australia, Rarotonga and the like but it is almost as if the South Island was just a bit too close and normally left out when making holiday plans.  Or is that nobody we know ever gets married in the South Island, hence the fact that we haven’t had that reason for travelling!  Most of our overseas holidays have evolved out of a wedding invitation  (and me the ever opportunist) have tacked on a bit of a holiday at the same time.  Anyway, I am digressing!

I have only been to the South Island, once when I was 19, with 3 boys in a campervan, hmmm enough said!   So it was something I wanted to do again and actually stay in Christchurch instead of heading out further South to the Ski fields and beyond.   We left very early on Friday morning and  arrived in Christchurch at about 9am that morning.  We picked up our rental car and decided that we should take a drive to Akaroa seeing as we couldn’t check into our hotel until later on.   The weather wasn’t the best, a bit foggy and drizzling at times.  We stopped in Little River for coffee and to feed Liam some food at the Little River Cafe and once fed… said boy fell asleep in the car.  I love how he can still do that… perhaps he takes after Gary who can sleep anywhere at anytime.   We woke Liam up and had a wander around the town centre, I did some shopping, Liam found a suitable tree to venture into and then it back in the car to head back to Christchurch.

In Akaroa

We had a lovely stay at the Heritage Hotel right on Cathedral Square, the weather wasn’t the best, but we ventured out and Liam wasn’t bothered by the weather and skipped most places!  Every morning started off with brekkie downstairs where Liam ate more than his fair share of pancakes, toast and cereals which sorted us out foodwise for most of the day before finishing the days heading out to the pub for dinner.  You could say the best part of holidaying was the lack of cooking and having to prepare meals.. Liam was also excited that whenever we went out some nice person made our beds whilst we were gone and added a nice chocolate bonus on his pillow.

On Saturday, we went out to Rolleston to visit Scrappin Patch in real life.   It was lovely to meet Adrienne and Francine and to have a browse of the little shop!  It was nice to bump into  Tanya Leigh too… it got quite busy in the store so I didn’t stay too long – the boys had gone on a Rolleston adventure to find boy stuff to do.. playgrounds and the like so they picked me back up and we visited the Cookie Time factory shop and bought FAR too many cookies!!  We also ventured out on the Tram on Sunday…mostly to amuse Liam and also because I can’t walk very far at all right now…ah the joys of pregnancy.  We hopped off and hoped on at various locations and ventured into the Arts Centre, the Natural History Museum and stopped off for an American Sandwich and coffee before heading back to get the car to visit Science Alive which Liam loved.

Here a few photos… can you see it was a wee bit colder than Auckland…actually Auckland felt balmy when we returned.

On Monday, we ventured out of Christchurch for a wee road trip.  Gary had a meeting in Ashburton for work so we took a scenic drive to Geraldine for lunch.  The weather was just gorgeous and the mountains were stunning in the sunlight with just a little bit of low cloud… such a contrast from the drizzly conditions that we left in Christchurch – but I didn’t really take any photos – oops!  We had lunch at a cafe recommended by the locals and browsed the shops and the little museum before I spent a few hours in Ashburton entertaining a 6 year old boy who doesn’t like to shop much!! We spent most of the time wandering around, moving the car as they have parking meters on the main streets… hee hee $.60 cents an hour not really a hardship seeing as parking is like $4 an hour in Auckland CBD.

Then on Tuesday, before coming home Gary had another meeting in Riccarton.  All the ladies at Gary’s meeting in Ashburton said that his wife would be excited about spending a few hours at the mall.  Sigh.  Little did they know that 6 year old boys and malls aren’t the best mix!!  Do you think that said son and said husband may have been in cohoots to stop me from spending too much money whilst we were there?!!?  Anyway, we managed to kill 2 hours or so wandering around, mixing it up between toy shops, homeware stores and bribery of visiting the time out zone before we had to head back to the airport to head home.

It was a lovely weekend and nice to see a bit more of good ole NZ… we did decide that perhaps, driving holidays around the South Island with little ones wasn’t the most fun thing to do as they do get quite boredquite easily… I can see that we will definitely get more down time and relaxation when camping and Liam can run around the campsite and at the beach for the week.  So the next campervan trip … might be when we are oldies and retired and the kidlets have left home lol.

Lastly, I think we ate far too much whilst we have been away… here is a photo of me 26 weeks… Ali Edwards style!

ooooh and guess who was a fave at Sketchy Thursdays … ME!


7 thoughts on “Back to being a lady of LEISURE…

  1. looks like an awesome holiday, you’ve got me thinking South Island rather than Gold Coast next year! would be much easier with two younger kids too… hmmm

    Congrats on the pregnancy too! awesome news :)

  2. You certainly got around and travelled a few miles whilst you were here. Shame you didn’t find the Ashburton Domain with the playground and aviary or Deans Bush across from Westfield. Much more boy friendly than shopping as my one would agree. LOL

  3. Firstly you look gorgious and can’t wait to meet the little one in 4 months…So glad you got the package and liked the goodies…Sounds like a great holiday!

  4. Cool trip it seams, I’m a little bit jealous. Haven’t seen as much of NZ as I wanted too. Although I have seen Christchurch thanks to Trace, but not much else beyond.

    Looking forward to see you and that bump next week!


  5. Sounds like a fabulous South Island trip! I love the SI and could live there were it not so cold in winter! Have had many lovely holidays down there.
    LOVE the pregnancy photo, can’t wait to see that on a layout soon!
    Enjoy being a “lady of leisure” while you still can :-)

  6. OH Michelle….I’m so excited for you and your lovely bump…oh I can stop looking at it….
    So well done you two and you will have the same age gap as us, which is just lovely!!!
    Melbourne has Mothercare now so if you want anything logon and I will post for you …..
    All the love from Melbourne Caroline XOXOXO
    P.S we did a road trip down one side of the sout Island and up the other side when Emily…she was an angle…and breath taking views

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